What is a concrete? Many people mistakenly interchange cement with concrete, but cement is just a component of concrete. A concrete is a material made from chemically combining cement, fine aggregates (sand) and coarse aggregates and are mixed with water. The cement and water and water acts as a binder for the aggregate materials which when it hardens, are commonly used in construction. Concrete has been used for a very long time and has been proven to have many advantages. There is a whole field of study about concretes and its properties and practical applications. On this article, we will learn about the benefits of using concrete. 

  • Materials for concrete are easy to find and is available in the market. Being one of the most used materials for building construction, sourcing of ingredients for concrete is very accessible since there is a huge supply in the market for these materials. 
  • Ability to be molded and casted into almost any shape. A concrete’s properties make it a very ideal material to be used when dealing with various shapes. Freshly mixed concrete is a fluid-like compound which can be poured into any mold and form to achieve any complex form and configuration which allows greater flexibility for designs. 
  • Concrete is energy efficient. Due to its insulating properties, concrete is good for almost any weather condition. During summers, it helps buildings keep the cool air inside a during winters it helps keep the warm in. This can help you save a lot with the electricity bill from air-condition and heater consumption. A properly designed building using concrete can save you a lot of money. Another fact, concrete takes way less energy to create and manufacture than other materials like steel.  
  • Excellent water-resistant characteristics of concretes makes it a more suitable material for constructions for any conditions. It is more durable than other materials like steel and wood since it is resistant to corrosion induced by water. It can resist weathering, chemical damages, and abrasion and can still maintain its desirable properties. It is ideal in underwater applications like for dams, sewers, canals and other submerged structures.  
  • Concrete is highly economical. Production of concrete is very cheap, and materials are easily available. It can also be mixed differently and made into different proportions to even save more cost. 
  • Concrete is fireproof. It has a very high degree of fire resistance and it is a non-combustible material which makes it a lot safer than wood and steel which burns and melts when exposed to fire. Concrete offers a safer and cheaper material for building construction.  
  • Recyclable and produces minimal waste. Concrete production can be done such that there will virtually be no excess or waste in the material. It can also be recycled and be broken down to smaller pieces to serve as aggregate for another concrete mix. 

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